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Painted Things and Art Work
This one was for my Dad, he has a place in the woods that's why he calls it "Gobbler's Knob". I can put whatever you want on it, flowers, animals or just your name and house number.

standard size box, black or white $20 each side

Stools, Benches and Chests...
I can do these to match your kitchen, bath or any other room you want to put them in.  Just make sure you send me a picture of your decor!



(These are shipped in pieces, so some assembly required!)
pine trunk 24x16x16 (size and shape may vary) and the average cost is between $100 -$150

Line Art and Drawings
The only Line art I am doing at the present time is the fine line drawing of homes and businesses.  The final project is a matted 8x10 printed on woven linen paper.  If you are interested in having a hand drawn portrait of your home please send a photo of your entire home including any parts that may be hidden from view by foliage when looking at it from a distance.  If you live within the Columbus, Ohio area I will be more than happy to take the photo myself.  Here are some examples...

Here are a few of the paintings I've done....

24x36 done for my church  represents the Father (eye) Son (hands of Jesus) and The Holy Ghost (Dove)
"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"  Matthew 11:28

           Flowers 8x10 each